ASEMFL Inaugural Annual Meeting: ASEMFL Inductees


Mohamed Abdel-Aty

Trustee Chair, Pegasus Professor and Department Chair

Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering,
University of Central Florida

For exemplary leadership in developing methodologies incorporating safety in the planning of highway systems and the use of real time data to improve highway safety.

Nicholas Bodor

Founder and CEO; Graduate Research Professor Emeritus

Bodor Laboratories Inc.; University of Florida

For inventing unique retrometabolic drug design/targeting concepts, leading to numerous safe and effective drugs, positively impacting millions globally.

Gregory S. Boebinger

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Florida State University

World leader in high-magnetic-field quantum materials research including revealing the quantum phase transition near optimum doping in cuprate high-temperature superconductors.

Christian Brechot

Senior Associate Dean for Research in Global Affairs, Associate Vice President for International Partnerships and Innovation, Professor

Department of Internal Medicine,
University of South Florida

An extremely accomplished medical researcher who has also directed high impact research institutions.

Thomas Frazer

Professor and Dean; Chief Science Officer

College of Marine Science, University of South Florida; Office of the Secretary, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

For outstanding interdisciplinary research, leadership and professional service that has informed management of both freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Kenneth Furton

Provost, Executive Vice President and COO

Florida International University

A world-renowned scholar and inventor in trace detection with a proven track record of pioneering research, innovation and institutional transformation.

Evelyn Gaiser

George M. Barley Chair of Everglades Research

Department of Biological Sciences,
Florida International University

For groundbreaking research on wetland ecosystems and national leadership in ensuring large-scale collaboration and effective science to policy translation.

Juan Gilbert

Andrew Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Professor

Computer & Information Science & Engineering Department,
University of Florida

Pioneering human-centered computing for societal issues, national leadership in advancing diversity in higher education.

D. Goswami

Distinguished University Professor; Director, Clean Energy Research Center

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering,
University of South Florida

For pioneering contributions to the field of solar energy, and advancing a groundbreaking new air purification technology to the market.

Tomas Guilarte

Dean, Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work; Professor

Environmental Health Sciences & Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging,
Florida International University

For seminal research on environmental pollutants’ effects on brain development and their role in neurodegenerative diseases.

Chuanmin Hu


College of Marine Science,
University of South Florida

For the development and application of remote sensing algorithms and data products to address coastal ocean problems.

Waldemar Karwowski

Pegasus Professor and Chair

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems,
University of Central Florida

For development of novel fuzzy logic-based systems and their implementations in electronic circuit board tuning and letter sorting.

Dennis Killinger

Distinguished University Professor Emeritus

Department of Physics,
University of South Florida

For pioneering contributions in laser and optical remote sensing, especially Lidar sensing of global climate change and Lidar for autos.

Johnathan Licht

The Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Foundation and David B. and Leighan R. Rinker Chair; Director

Health Cancer Center, University of Florida

For fundamental discoveries of aberrant epigenetic mechanisms in malignancies, including the retinoic acid receptor, Wilms tumor suppressor and histone.

Arch Mainous

Professor; Vice-Chair for Research

Department of Health Services Research, Management and Policy & Department of Community Health and Family Medicine
University of Florida

Enhanced knowledge and practice of primary care by improving antibiotic use, physician-patient communication, and detection of cardiovascular and diabetes care.

Mary McCay

Research Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
Florida Institute of Technology

In-situ alloying technique to produce a laser welded, custom alloy layer that improves surface wear and corrosion.

Duane Mitchell

Endowed Professor & Assistant Vice President for Research

College of Medicine,
University of Florida

For improving lives of adults and children with brain tumors through substantial advances in novel immunotherapies for their treatment.

Shyam Mohapatra

Distinguished Health Professor, Director, Div of Translational Medicine, and Director, Ctr Research & Education in Nano-bioengineering

Department of Internal Medicine, Health Morsani College of Medicine,
University of South Florida

For pioneering and outstanding contributions advancing the fields of biomedical nanotechnology, molecular and biological engineering; and leadership in translational nanomedicine.

David Nelson

Senior Vice President for Health Affairs and President UF Health

University of Florida

For advancing development and approval of curative antiviral drugs for Hepatitis C that may lead to its eradication by 2030.

Jacqueline Quinn

Civil and Environmental Engineer

Exploration Systems and Development Office,
NASA, Kennedy Space Center

For the development, commercialization, and deployment of safe environmental clean up technologies.

Mubarak Shah

Trustee Chair Professor

Department of Computer Science,
University of Central Florida

For his contributions in video surveillance, including object detection, tracking and action recognition.

Janet Yamamoto


College of Veterinary Medicine, Infectious Disease and Immunology,
University of Florida

Pioneering research in HIV, co-discovery of feline immunodeficiency virus, invention of first commercial FIV vaccine.